Wilhelm Wagenfeld – Tafellamp 1924 WG 24


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Tafellamp verchroomd met glazen voet. Kap van opaline glas.Max. 60W aangeraden. Tafellamp 1924 WG 24 MADE IN ITALY


Designed in 1924 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the small, elegant table lamp looks as simple as a lamp post. This version of the famous Wagenfeld metal table lamp created in the same year has a glass base and a glass rod, in which a nickel-plated 10 mm diameter tube accommodates the cord. This object, known as the “Bauhaus lamp,” embodies an essential idea—form follows function—advanced by the influential Bauhaus school, founded in 1919 by the architect Walter Gropius, which taught a modern synthesis of both fine and applied arts. Through the employment of simple geometric shapes—circular base, cylindrical shaft, and spherical shade—Wagenfeld and Jucker achieved “both maximum simplicity and, in terms of time and materials, greatest economy.” The lamp’s working parts are visible; the opaque glass shade, a type formerly used only for industrial lighting, helps to diffuse the light.


18 x 37 x 18 cm

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