Gyula Pap – Floor lamp 1923


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Voet in black metal met een ruw oppervlak, chroom frame, lampenkap gemaakt van gezandstraald glas. / 100W. Made in Italy.


The reproduction is faithful to the original, following Gyula Pap’s specifications, with the permission of the Bauhaus Archives in Berlin. This floor lamp was featured in 1925 in the Bauhaus Book No. 7, “Neue Arbeiten der Bauhauswerkstätten” (New Creations of the Bauhaus Workshops). Plate Glass is connected by a nickel-plated tubular unit to a laquered black iron baseplate. The bulp is semi-silvered. The Gyula Pap floor lamp was created specifically for this type of bulb, which had just been invented at that time.


49 x 182 x 49 cm

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