René Herbst – Chaise Sandows Chair 1928


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Stoel met buisvormig verchroomd stalen frame. Zitting en rugleuning in zadelleer. MADE IN ITALY


In 1927 René Herbst designed the revolutionary and functional “Chaise Sandows” seat furniture. The frames were nickel-plated tubular steel, the seat and back was made of rubber strips stretched taut and fastened to the frame by hooks at the end. René Herbst was a pioneer in the adaptation of simple industrial materials for furniture design. One of his favorite themes (chaise sandows) was the chair with seat and back formed by stretched elastic bands of the type used to fasten packages to a bicycle. This was one of the many versions. This chair, along with a matching high stool, was presented at the Salon d’ Automne, 1929. In all probability, it was first produced by Etablissements René Herbst.


42 x 80 x 50 cm

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